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Janko Krotecjanko's obituary

May 24, 1946 - September 6, 2009

On My Mind



You are so interesting old man. Every time I think of you it’s like you’re really right here, actually right beside me… well maybe just a little bit in front of me! Jack Layton died from cancer yesterday and I cried… for him as he was a great human being… and for you because he reminds me of you in several ways such as his integrity, his courage, and his optimism. I miss you and have stories to tell and a new outlook on life to share. This year I’ve learned to ride motorcycles and horses. The rich, earthy smell of manure has become familiar as I stroll the back fields of Delta. My Kawasaki Ninja 500 brings back memories of my first ride at age 7 on the back of your motorcyle. I haven’t yet grown a moustache, but who knows, maybe one day… I’ve already tried the beard! Whenever I look at my own hands I so clearly remember yours; their gentle touch, guidance, dependability, and awesome strength. Thank you for your leadership and especially your courage. But most of all, thank you for believing in and rescuing me when I was 5. My life continues to be interesting day after day.

Love forever,

Mali Janko

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