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Janko Krotecjanko's obituary

May 24, 1946 - September 6, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Donna Loves Janko

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Every morning — in sickness and in health — he serves me a latte in bed.

Janko is worldly smart with an insatiable curiosity about world politics, economics and history. He’s not shy about sharing his opinions (conspiracy theories) about what’s just and right in the world and what’s not!

His meticulous attention to detail, and the fact that he truly cares about quality and value, has served him well in his work… (and it’s driven those who work with him gently around the bend at times.)

Janko has a delightfully quirky view of things; sometimes he’s taken this cheekiness a bit far causing some of his dearest friends to call him a

His preoccupation with food is legendary at home and abroad; a fixation that belies his size.

Janko’s level of comfort navigating the world is higher than most people’s level of ease travelling across town.

He loves his friends openly, honesty and playfully. He always has time for them (especially if it involves lunch!).


3. Janko’s capacity to love and respect his  ‘children’ – John, Tania, Natasha, Maryann, Irene, Sandi, and their partners, and Daymon – as his equals is admirable. His commitment to staying connected to his siblings despite the miles and time zones reflect their importance to him… And his enthusiasm about Skype!

He is sincerely kind. He expresses his generous spirit in many, many ways everyday.

1. Janko picked me. He loves me with a gentle heart and tender devotion. I am a better person as a witness to, and a recipient of, his love.

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