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May 24, 1946 - September 6, 2009

Process of Investing Your Donated Dollars

** Appeal for more funds **

I wish to express my sincere thanks to everyone who has donated any amount to date. At present, we have enough donations to fund two research students. Each scholarship costs $5,000 dollars. I hope to make an even bigger impact with your continued support and contributions.

My appeal to ALL — please help me raise enough funds for at least one more scholarship.
With your generosity and caring, we can assist future stars to bring hope and eventually a cure for many and hopefully all cancers that are causing deaths one by one, each day. Time is of the essence.

Sharing the fruits of our endeavour

Sharing the fruits of our endeavour

Here is a brief time line of my journey to raise and allocate funds for cancer research.

Initially naive, I thought that properly placing the donations would be very easy, obvious, and rewarding. During the past several months I have spent countless hours finding out that this would not be a simple matter.

The original wish was obvious to me: help to prevent cancers from forming with education and early detection. There is no research in this field.

The second path I wanted to support was research how to: establish some benchmarks for early detection and immediate diagnosis. There is nothing there either.

Then I learned that there is a lot of research about how to administer treatments so they have the least negative impact on the patient, a better overall treatment experience, and ultimately a higher rate of patient survival. In the words of others from the “industry”: how to administer more treatments/drugs to more incoming objects (aka patients) with fewer complications.

Finally, I started looking into the field of scholarships. Approved students are entitled to a scholarship.

I am in the process of identifying three individuals whose personal traits and professional goals come closest to my expectations. My simple criteria are: 1) What motivates the candidate? 2) How close is he/she to working in the laboratory full time? 3) What is their desired field of research and goals for their future in medicine?

I have selected our first candidate: Sunjay Lakhi. Below is his reply to my initial inquiry:

“Dear Mr. Janko Krotec,

I am incredibly honoured and touched by your decision to fund my research. It would be my pleasure to assist you and attempt to answer any questions, which you may have.

To start, who I am as a person? I see this as an ongoing life long process in defining oneself, discovering new depths, attributes, personality and more so the endeavor of the development and discovery of one’s soul. Who I see myself as of present is a first year medical student, born and raised in Winnipeg Manitoba. I graduated from University of Manitoba with a BSc (major microbiology), and am currently attending The University of Manitoba School of Medicine. My hopes are to become a physician (which specialty I have not quite decided yet) with the possibility of integrating with a career in clinical research as well. My dream is to have a career, which allows me the opportunity to meet, interact, learn and assist individuals with their pain in whatever form that pain maybe. To be able to make a difference in patient’s lives no matter how small a difference it may be. I may not be able to alleviate all their pain, but to be granted the opportunity to support them through it is a career that would return the greatest personal satisfaction.

The research that I am involved with this summer is on CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia) focusing on the role of IL-8 expression and CLL cell survival. IL-8 is a cytokine and prior research shows that it increases the survival of the malignant B cells, which make up CLL. By understanding and quantifying the expression of IL-8 we hope to be able to gain a greater understanding on how IL-8 signals cancer cell survival and hopefully in the future develop possible treatments involving the targeting of IL-8.

I would be happy to answer any other questions that you may have. Again Mr. Krotec, this is an honor that you have chosen to fund me. I have had the opportunity to read your blog and it has given me renewed perspective and motivation on how important research is and the tremendous ramifications on patient’s lives and health. Sharing your experiences via your blog has also allowed me a brief glimpse into your life. Although I cannot possibly fathom completely what you are experiencing and feeling, your perspective on life, your celebration of life in the face of adversity is inspiring, and gives me new motivation to continue to quest for understanding cancer. Your courage has lent me courage to forge ahead in a career where I will help guide individuals who are trying to cope with this disease, because as much support physicians can lend they also need perspective and support from the person they are helping. Thank you Mr. Krotec for this opportunity, my thoughts and prayers are with you as you celebrate your life.”

In addition, when I told Sunjay about my decision, he replied:

“Dear Mr. Krotec,

I feel blessed to be supported by you.

I would like to thank you very much for funding me and for your good wishes for the future. Your support is priceless to me. If you would like to use my name, it would be my great pleasure and honor that you would hold me in such esteem.

Your spirit of strength and courage is truly awesome. Thank you, and may the light of your wonderful soul illuminate many paths…”

Please, come along and we will journey together. Anyone who wishes to can subscribe to my blog via email (top right corner of the website) and receive my posting directly into his or her Inbox. This would be one sure way to remain in touch. Every response or comment on my blog shines into my heart, knowing that someone, somewhere is following, paying attention, or possibly even finding something positive for him or herself. Please spread it around – it is free. Love will conquer all.

Until next time …

With love and affection,

Hope is a waking dream.” Aristotle

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    • A friend forever

      You’re so close to realizing your goal of a third scholarship. We will get there … you are an inspiration. I agree when you wrote, “Love will conquer all”. It just takes time. Keep shining down on us all gentle heart …

    • Danelle Miskolczi

      You were an amazing person so Kind so full of life You always had a smile on your face and I will never forgot you Uncle Janko Love always.
      Danelle Miskolczi

      “Hope is a walking Dream”

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