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Janko Krotecjanko's obituary

May 24, 1946 - September 6, 2009

Thanks to Life (Gracias a la Vida)

In these troubled times, may we all remember to be kind and let the object of our ire be the shadow within our own hearts. Seek truth. Dare to look within. Love is contagious. Let go. Surrender. Gracias a la Vida (english translation below).

Performed by Mercedes Sosa – Thanks to life (written by Violeta Parra)

Thanks […]

On My Mind


You are so interesting old man. Every time I think of you it’s like you’re really right here, actually right beside me… well maybe just a little bit in front of me! Jack Layton died from cancer yesterday and I cried… for him as he was a great human being… and for […]